The Rolling Darkness Revue 2013

Friday October 18th and Saturday October 19th @ 8pm.

The Missing Piece Theatre, 2811 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank CA 91505

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Tickets are $12 per person, and include a free chapbook. Chapbooks will be distributed at the show. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME so that we have a record of your purchase. We also encourage you to print your receipt and bring it with you. Thanks very much, and we look forward to seeing you in the Rolling Dark...

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Two hack writers for a 1930s fiction factory are visited by a stranger who wants them to read a mysterious manuscript; An agent of a covert government department investigates strange noises beneath a suburban home; A young would-be poet spends a revelatory lunch hour with a young woman whose beauty masks a bizarre mystery; A specialist in retrieving the irretrievable discovers a very unusual collection in a roadside grocery store ...

About the Rolling Darkness Revue

EACH HALLOWEEN SEASON for the past nine years the Rolling Darkness Revue, a traveling fraternity of some of horror fiction's premier talents, has presented an evening of new supernatural stories in celebration of the genre's favorite holiday.

A multi-media experience which incorporates theatrical lighting and live music to illuminate and enhance the Halloween tradition of ghost story readings, the Revue was founded in 2004 by Dennis Etchison, Glen Hirshberg, and Peter Atkins and has been curated by Atkins & Hirshberg since 2006.

The Revue began performing in bookstores, libraries, and parking lots, making the move to small theatres in 2009 as the show grew in nature (and audience). As well as becoming a much-anticipated October ritual for fans and readers, RDR has received glowing notices from, among others, the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio's Weekend Edition.

Stories which have premiered at the Revue have many times been selected for inclusion in annual 'Year's Best' anthologies from such noted editors as Ellen Datlow, Stephen Jones, and Paula Guran, as well as finding homes in magazines like Cemetery Dance, PostScripts, and The Milan Review.

Guest authors over the life of the show have included such genre and mainstream notables as Norman Partridge, Nancy Holder, Aimee Bender, Michael Blumlein, and Kim Newman. Live music for shows outside LA has been provided by various artists, while the LA shows are blessed by the eerie tonalities of noted local ambient musicians Jonas Yip & Rex Flowers.

PETER ATKINS: Author of Morningstar, Big Thunder, Moontown, and the movies Wishmaster and Hellraiser II-IV. "Atkins is a brilliant supplier of shudders and splendors" - Clive Barker. "Writes with elegance and wit" - The Times (London).

GLEN HIRSHBERG: Award-winning author of The Two Sams, The Snowman's Children, and American Morons. "A writer to watch and treasure" - Peter Straub. "Stories as unsettling as they are scary, as disturbing as they are profound" - Los Angeles Times.

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