From the Locus review:  “…there is enough material in Good Girls for a novel twice its length. But the economy and grace of Hirshberg’s style allow him to fit this plenitude into a more modest number of pages, while maintaining its full emotional and thematic resonance. The novel continually returns to its title, interrogating notions of goodness. What, it asks, might the phrase ‘good girls’ mean for a mother or a young woman or a monster?… Is it possible for a monster to demonstrate goodness? It does all this while hurtling toward a climax that is heartbreaking, horrifying, and riveting.

“With Motherless Child, Glen Hirshberg embarked on a new phase of a career whose accomplishments were already many and considerable…. [Good Girls] fulfills the promise of its predecessor, and promises more to come. A third novel in the series has been announced; It cannot arrive soon enough.”  –John Langan, Locus Magazine  (Get the May 2016 edition–or a full year’s subscription–of Locus Magazine here.)