Songwriter Thomas Anderson and GOOD GIRLS

Thomas Anderson–Thomas Anderson–one of my favorite songwriters, ever, and of the many artists I know who deserve more attention, he deserves it just about the most–and I have been corresponding and trading art for years, now. That has been its own reward. One of the best my own art has given me. But today he also gave me this, via his own page. It’s one I’m going to keep:
‘My buddy Glen Hirshberg has just released Good Girls–the second volume in his Motherless Children trilogy of vampire novels. In it, he creates a world of orphans where everyone–the living and the (un)dead–try to mend their broken families. Children, parents and lovers roam a blasted dystopia from the Mississippi Delta to the piney woods of New England, where vampires long for Victoria Spivey but settle for Ted Nugent, and everyone’s favorite podcast is by a dead girl. A land where nobody wins. But what you’re left with at the end, is what Nanci Griffith perhaps expressed best: There’s a light beyond these woods. Good Girls. Get yours today.'”

Posted by Glen Hirshberg on Wednesday, March 23, 2016