Good Girls

Good Girls

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Earthling Special Edition

Audiobook version coming soon from Encyclopocalypse. Xe Sands, who did such a stellar job narrating the Motherless Child audiobook, returns and will be performing the whole trilogy. Details to follow, so watch this space…

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Good Girls

Three-time International Horror Guild and Shirley Jackson Award Winner Glen Hirshberg brings his flair for the grim, grisly, and emotionally harrowing to this standalone sequel to Motherless Child.

Reeling from the violent death of her daughter and a confrontation with the Whistler—the monster who wrecked her life—Jess has fled the South for a tiny college town in New Hampshire. There she huddles in a fire-blackened house with her crippled lover, her infant grandson, and the creature that was once her daughter’s best friend and may or may not be a threat.

Rebecca, a college student orphaned in childhood, cares for Jess’s grandson, and finds in Jess’s house the promise of a family she has never known, but also a terrifying secret.

Meanwhile, unhinged and unmoored, the Whistler watches from the rooftops and awaits his moment.

And deep in the Mississippi Delta, the evil that spawned him stirs…

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Praise for Good Girls:

“Set in the immediate aftermath of the justly lauded Motherless Child, this intense novel weaves its themes of love, loss, family obligation, and personal sacrifice into another richly textured tale of supernatural horror….” —Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

“The sequel to three-time International Horror Guild Award winner Hirshberg’s Motherless Child packs as hard a punch as its predecessor, although it easily stands on its own. Not your average story of vampires, this tale of family, love, and near redemption will please genre and literary enthusiasts alike.” —KC, Library Journal  (Psst: Don’t have a subscription to Library Journal?  You can read the full review here.)

“Glen’s lyrical prose and characterization is always a treat and top notch. What I wasn’t expecting was how brutally horrific the novel was. Totally knocked me on my ass. He’s one of our best.” –Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts

Glen Hirshberg continues to knock it out of the park with GOOD GIRLS, the second in his brilliant Motherless Children series. This is why vampire fiction will never die.” –Jonathan Maberry, author of the Rot & Ruin and Joe Ledger series

“…This is real, full-blooded horror in a sense that’s too rarely found; the gore is vivid, but more than just life and death is at stake. Our protagonists are brave, clever and loving — but that may not be nearly enough to save them.” (4 1/2 stars)
—Ian Mathers, RT Book Reviews

“Top notch writing, enjoyable prose, a twisted and demented story…. From the opening line, there’s magic in the words.” —Frank Michaels Errington, Cemetery Dance Online 

“…[I] would recommend [Good Girls] to any die-hard horror fan. The book is an extrinsically crafted tale of horror and love that meshes together to create a masterful tale of true suspense.” (9 out of 10) —Amanda Dyar, BGG After Dark

“The story here is rich and evocative…. Gripping characters and plot with more twists and turns than a San Francisco street make this novel one of the most original we’ve seen so far in 2016.” —John Aiello, Electric Review

“This hair-raising horror novel causes serious shivers with its portrait of humans and vampires pushed to their limits.” —Rob LeFevre, Shelf Awareness

“Horror is an exploration of fears we can’t quite understand or comprehend—and ultimately it is the redemption of our humanity that is missing from most modern novels. Glen Hirshberg has finally proven that there are still authors who pull out of the mire and tell a truly decent, compelling, and human horror story.”  —N.C. Patterson, A Slice of Horror

“With Motherless Child, Glen Hirshberg embarked on a new phase of a career whose accomplishments were already many and considerable…. [Good Girls] fulfills the promise of its predecessor, and promises more to come. A third novel in the series has been announced; It cannot arrive soon enough.”  —John Langan, Locus Magazine  (Get the May 2016 edition of Locus Magazine here.)

“…by making the damaged, grief-mad, yearning Sophie the emotional center of his tale, Hirshberg ensures our attention never leaves her…. The satisfyingly gruesome surprise ending nicely sets up the third and final book in Hirshberg’s brilliant, darkly captivating trilogy.”  —Liz Hand, Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction