Nothing to Devour

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Audiobook version coming soon from Encyclopocalypse. Xe Sands, who did such a stellar job narrating the Motherless Child audiobook, returns and will be performing the whole trilogy. Details to follow, so watch this space…

Nothing to Devour:

Glen Hirshberg’s critically-acclaimed trilogy comes to a shattering conclusion that proves that this International Horror Guild and Shirley Jackson Award winner understands the true depths and heights of this thing called life.

Librarian Emilia is alone in a library that is soon to close its doors forever. Alone save for one last patron, his head completely swathed in bandages, his hands gloved, not one inch of skin exposed. Emilia feels sorry for him—like her, he is always alone.

Today, he sees, really sees, Emilia.
What he does to her then is unspeakable.

Thousands of miles away, another victim rises—a dead woman who still lives. Sophie is determined to protect the people she loves best in the world—but she is a monster.

To Jess, it doesn’t matter that Sophie was once as close to her as her own daughter. It doesn’t matter that Sophie’s baby died so that Jess’s grandson could live. It only matters that Sophie is a vampire.

Vampires can’t be trusted.
Even if they love you.

Aunt Sally loved all the monsters she’d created in the hundreds of years since she died and rose again. She loved her home in the bayou. When her existence was exposed to the human world, she didn’t hesitate to destroy her home, and her offspring, to save herself. Herself, and one special girl, Aunt Sally’s last chance to be a perfect mother.

These people are drawn together from across the United States, bound by love and hatred, by the desire for reunification and for revenge.

In their own ways, they are all monsters.
Some deserve to live.
Some do not.

Motherless Children Trilogy
#1 Motherless Child
#2 Good Girls
#3 Nothing to Devour


PRAISE FOR Nothing to Devour:

“It’s quite a feat to write a vampire novel without ever once invoking the V-word, but Hirshberg does so with consummate skill in this wrenching third Motherless Children horror novel… As in the previous books, Hirshberg keeps the traditional vampire lore to a minimum, focusing instead on his characters’ inner lives and the compulsions, grief, sorrow, loneliness, and will to survive that drive them all. His novel is a dramatic tour de force that compels reader sympathy for mortals and monsters alike.” — Publishers’ Weekly (starred review)

Featured “Spotlight on Horror” pick for fall, 2018 by Library Journal.

“Hirshberg excels at slowly building an atmosphere of dread and foreboding, and…creating gritty, violent, and mesmerizing characters…While the story…concludes with an inevitable confrontation, the journey brims with introspection by humans and vampires alike as they try to come to terms with their existence, survival, and future.” — Booklist

“Glen Hirsh­berg’s Nothing to Devour brought his trilogy of vampire novels to a climactic and heartbreaking finale. Gathered in a house on an island off the coast of Washington state, the survivors of the previous novel, Good Girls, struggle to reckon with the trauma of their previous encounters with the monsters, even as the most formidable vampire of them all is mak­ing her slow way to them. The narrative deftly shifts among multiple perspectives, all the while hurtling toward a climactic sequence that is surprising and satisfying. Throughout this series, Hirsh­berg has gambled big, and those gambles have continued to pay off. The result is noth­ing less than inspiring.” — Locus Horror in 2018 Review