Educational Consulting

My 2014 CREW–one of my smaller but most creative teams–on their way into the community to do some writing good.

For more information about how Glen can help you and your community design, build support for, grow, and sustain similar programs and public service projects, please use the contact form on this website.

Educational Consulting

A teacher for 25 years and a writer for life, Glen knows how to build programs that work.

He is available (and loves) to visit schools and universities to work with students and/or consult with adults about generating more impactful, lasting, and multi-faceted creative writing programs and experiences that serve both students and the communities in which they live. In particular, his specialties include:


Creative Writing Program Building

In addition to helping launch the MFA program at Cal State San Bernardino, Glen has spent more than two decades building the creative writing program at Campbell Hall, an independent high school in Studio City. Beginning with a club, Glen has built the program into a multi-tiered track of classes and experiences that produces and honors top-level talent while also welcoming and developing the skills of the merely writing-curious. In addition to participating in a series of skill-driven and immersive workshop classes, Glen’s students:

  • produce, design, and edit two magazines
  • hold multiple on-campus readings and events
  • collaborate with the drama and dance departments in productions of original work
  • have the option to complete a track of independent study courses and a thesis project that earn them the designation of Creative Writing Fellow on their final transcript
  • lure visiting writers from across the literary spectrum to give readings and work on student writing in intensive small-group settings. Writers who have visited the program include Aimee Bender, Matt Hart, Peter Atkins, James Brown, Nikia Chaney, Emily Chenoweth, Nicole Blackman, Deanne Stillman, Darcie Dennigan, and Dennis Etchison, among many others.
  • have gone on to celebrated programs such as the legendary Iowa Writer’s Workshops, won top prizes at Amherst and Emerson, founded science fiction journals at Yale, and served as editors of the Poetry Review at Berkeley. They have published in a wide variety of genres and fields.

School Partnerships and Community Service:  Giving Back

For the last ten years, Glen’s students have also participated in and helped him run the CREW project (see below):

Through the CREW project, a cohort of Glen’s most passionate advanced creative writing students at Campbell Hall spend much of the year training as instructors, and then in the spring head into the surrounding community to teach the curriculum they have helped devise to 4th and 5th graders at much less advantaged elementary schools. The students’ passion for and increasing mastery of creative writing fundamentals renders this public-private partnership and service learning opportunity transformational for everyone involved, and of significant cultural and educational benefit to Campbell Hall’s creative writers and the young writers they teach.