Manuscript Coaching & Editing

Manuscript Coaching & Editing

Got a project you need help with? Over the past few years, Glen has been offering editing, consulting, and guidance to writers at all levels and in any genre. bringing to bear everything he has learned during more than a quarter-century of publishing and teaching. Already, Drones Club authors have sold novels to HarperCollins, won the Encore Producers Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and performed on the Moth. But they have also resuscitated mystery novels they’d long thought dead, worked out kinks in full-length screenplays, found the confidence to start anew on devastating memoir-mainstream literary fiction hybrids, made major progress on the history of a school, and (naturally) perfected some spectral/ghostly stories of the highest order.

The joy for Glen is in helping you discover and maximize what you’ve got. Period. Genre/style irrelevant.

Glen also offers periodic workshop classes over Zoom or in person.

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The best way I know to give you an idea of what to expect is to let you hear from some of the writers who have given me the privilege of helping them with their projects. So here they are:

“You know that thing where you’re writing something and it’s taking you somewhere you’re excited about… but then you get a little lost… and you’re having trouble finding your way back — or maybe it’s forward? Or maybe you should have made a hard left where you made that slight right? Well, Glen Hirshberg is like my GPS for storytelling. As long as I have WiFi and Glen, I have someone who can give me a birds-eye perspective on where I could go to get where I want to be. Sometimes (okay, a lot more than I’d like to admit) it ends up being an entirely new and even better destination! He also has an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of why I got lost in the first place. Which is honestly worth WAY more than he charges. (But don’t tell him that.)”

Megan Finley Horowitz

“Hirshberg taught me everything I know about writing and he is responsible for the fact that, even when it’s the last thing I want to do, I continue to write. Working with him in school and, most recently, on my debut novel, All I Stole From Youwas the most inspiring experience of my writing career. He helped shape my book, he gave me notes that made the story stronger, the characters more grounded, and the dialogue better. The parts I’m most proud of in the book are the parts he helped me shape and develop. I can’t recommend working with him enough. “

Ava Bellows

“I had the privilege of working with Glen Hirshberg on a solo project.  His input on crafting the show was insightful, and I greatly appreciated his ability to focus on the big picture.  Crucial in any piece of writing, I feel, is making sure every bit of the narrative serves the message, and Mr. Hirshberg is a master at making that happen.”

Vicki Juditz

“Glen Hirshberg has changed my life. When I met him, I had not written creatively for several years, and I didn’t know how to return to what was really the work I loved most. Glen’s approach to writing and to creativity in general is this: he’s going to tell you clearly what’s working and what needs work, make open-ended suggestions that won’t derail you, and send you off so excited about writing the next scene that you’ll call in sick the next day to get it done. He’s a master at what he does. “

— Kathleen Lawton-Trask

“Glen looked at a novel-in-progress for me. His insights and suggested edits not only improved the manuscript A LOT, but he provided over-arching thoughts that changed my writing for the better. A few of his points about novel writing as opposed to short story writing blew my mind! This whole process with Glen was enjoyable and professional and a real shot in the arm.” 

— Brian Lillie