We Are Sitting in a Room

“Do you think everything we love about being young comes afterward? Maybe youth isn’t just wasted on the young. Maybe you can’t even be young ‘til you’re old…”

“We are Sitting in a Room” comes from a book I have been developing for the last year or so called All Happy People. Flipping and challenging Tolstoy’s contention that happy families are alike while sad ones are sad in their own ways, this story cycle examines the lives of a group of friends who have dreamed and willed and fought their way toward idiosyncratic, possibly sustainable versions of meaning and joy. Often, they’ve paid the price for it.

No ghosts. No murderers. But some snowy, atmospheric streets to wander. Some unmarked doors worth opening.

This one’s about a long ago, very different East Village—circa 1985— and being young, and remembering being young, and going record shopping, and missing signals, and finding purpose, and the wildest music ever made.

I am posting this story for free download as a thank you to everyone who contributed to my GoFundMe to raise money for Direct Relief, an organization that mobilizes and provides essential medical resources for areas in the greatest need. They still need so much more help. Please consider giving to them if you are able.

I hope you enjoy the story. If you do, please say so somewhere, and pass it along, and let others know.

Stay safe. Take good care of each other.

— Glen

Download your copy here: