The Two Sams, Glen’s International Horror Guild Award-winning 2003 collection, has been released in a terrific new audio version, the first in a series of audiobook releases of his work due in the coming months from Encyclopocalypse Publications. Kimberly Wetherell has done a dazzling job bringing these stories to life– reanimating them?–and has signed on to do the audio narration for more of Glen’s collections. Stay tuned.

The Best-of-Year Anthologies Trifecta

Delighted to report that three different recent stories of mine have been selected for the three major annual best-of anthologies. “Black Leg”, which you can still read for free at the link above, has been picked by Ellen Datlow for Best Horror of the Year 14. Paula Guran, meanwhile, has chosen “Jetty Sara”, originally in Curious Blue Press’s excellent December Talesfor The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, Volume 3. And “Slough”, which originally appeared in Space & Time magazine, has been snapped up by Stephen Jones for the 31st (and, sadly, final) edition of Best New Horror.

Gestalt Real-Time Reviews on my story, “Slough”

Prior to reviewing Infinity Dreams, D.F. Lewis posted these welcome comments about my story, “Slough”, as it appeared in the most recent (and, sadly, final) edition of Best New Horror: “This is a genuine horror story masterpiece, one to help cope with our own hateful times…you MUST read this momentous story full stop.” Full review here.

Gestalt Real-Time Review of INFINITY DREAMS

UK scholar/critic D.F. Lewis has been on a Glen Hirshberg kick of late. Here’s what he had to say toward the end of his deep dive into INFINITY DREAMS: “Bowen blended with O Henry, without it ceasing to be utterly unique in itself…This now arguably most important book I have ever read …Quite staggeringly beautiful. Why is this book not more famous?

For My Father, On His Birthday

In memory of my sweet, hilarious, brilliant dad, on what would have been his 83rd birthday, here’s a link to “Over”, the story I wrote in his honor. It appeared in the Michigan Quarterly Review in the summer of 2020, eight months or so after he died. I was working on it while he was ill, but he never got to see it.

Drones Club West alum Ava Bellows’ first novel!!

Wishing joy and massive success to Ava Bellows, whom I first taught in high school, then in a Drones Club West Zoom class (where she started this book!). I also had the privilege of helping her with a late edit after she sold it to HarperCollins. She was well on her way to this moment long before she got to my classroom, obviously. Happy Publication Day, Ava. First of many. I have no doubt.